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Young Dumb And Full Of... (Double Black Vinyl)

Double LP £20.00

Release Date: 13/10/2017

Discs: 2

Young, Dumb & Full Of... collects the 12 songs off their last three EPs (‘Uber Capitalist Death Trade’, ‘Necroflat In The Palace’ and ‘Terrorist Synthesizer’) - Anarchic and idiosyncratic attack in the form of discordant satirical neo-punk.

Re-press. Standard Black vinyl

Disc: 1

Side A

1. Uber Capitalist Death Trade
2. Fickle
3. Tell Me Lies About Manchester

Side B

1. Free Steven Avery (Wrong America)
2. Necroflat in the Palace
3. Indispensable Pencil

Disc: 2

Side A

1. Grim Up North Korea
2. Dissonance
3. Terrorist Synthesizer

Side B

1. The Road to Wigan Pier
2. These Boots Are Made for Walkin'
3. Because You're Worth It