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Amanita Pantherina CD + Vinyl £27.00

Amanita Pantherina Black Splattered Vinyl £20.00

Amanita Pantherina CD £10.00

Amanita Pantherina Screen Printed Natural T-shirt £20.00

Amanita Pantherina Screen Printed Mustard T-Shirt £20.00

Nihilistic Glamour Shots Black Heavyweight Vinyl £15.00

Nihilistic Glamour Shots CD Album £8.00

Nihilistic Glamour Shots Red Heavyweight Vinyl (Ltd Edition) £17.00

Young Dumb And Full Of... (Double Black Vinyl) £20.00

The Extended Play Of Cruelty CD EP £5.00

Cock Piss Cabbage T-Shirt £15.00

Young, Dumb and Full of Cabbage T-Shirt £15.00

Red Logo T-Shirt £15.00